Lilith was once the first woman created by God. Created as an equal partner to Adam, she refused to be Ruled by him, defied the orders of God to bow down to Adam and in that defiance, chose to leave the Garden of Eden and God's Good graces. Within that defiance, Lilith found herself at the gates of Hell, not content to bow down in heaven, she became a Ruler of the Underworld, known and feared for her command and creation of both Vampires and Succubi. As a Demon Queen, she is summoned by dark desires, lust, blood and corruption of innocence, and will often walk among the mortal realm in search of those willing to bow down to her appetite of blood and desire...

Imbibing her subjects with the thirst for blood and the powers of shadow and soul devouring. Does the Dark Demon Queen walk among you?...Would you like her to?

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